Worthwhile Stockpile

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Worthwhile Stockpile

A Pokémon that can use Stockpile to reach its full potential in battle.

The only Pokémon in the OU tier with access to Stockpile is Hippowdon, and it’s not the most preferred move on it AT ALL. I’m looking for a Pokémon that is able to use the move Stockpile to its full potential, and is a worthwhile move on a viable set in the OU tier.

Questions to be Answered:
How will this Pokémon utilize Stockpile in a viable way?
How may Spit Up and/or Swallow come into play on this concept?
What can Stockpile make an opponent think as for finding ways around it?
What does the ideal Stockpile user look like, and what is the ideal way to use it?

The effect of Stockpile is that it raises the user’s defense and special defense by 1 stage, but caps out at 3. Stockpiling also grants access to the move Spit up and Swallow, Spit Up being a special attack with either 100, 200, or 300 BP depending on the levels of Stockpile, and Swallow heals 25%, 50%, or 100% max hp, also dependent on the levels of Stockpile. This mon can raise both defenses, as well as possibly dish out a monstrous special attack or recover every last bit of damage dealt to it. However, in order to deal all this damage and/or heal all this hp, you need three flippin’ turns to fully set it up, as well as the fact that it caps at three rather than the usual six. I have absolutely zero clue as for if this concept will actually work, but Stockpile looks to me like a nice move on paper, and I’d like to see it be useful for once.
Stockpile is an acceptable replacement for Cosmic Power on some defensive mons - I feel that you need Shell/Battle Armor, though, otherwise your hard-earned boosts are negated by a crit.

I feel that using Spit Up is a lost cause, though, as you'll need two moveslots and four turns to get 300 BP damage out. Even Hyper Beam is more efficient than that. Furthermore, Normal is not a very good attacking type to begin with.
Swallow requires you to spend four turns again for 100% HP healing. Rest requires no set-up, only immobilizes you for 2 turns and you can heal status with it (you can use the freed up moveslot for Sleep Talk or even Snore).

Spit Up/Swallow are cool moves, but they are outclassed by other moves virtually every fully evolved Pokémon can learn (and are themselves questionable move choices). I can see Stockpile being moderately useful on some walls, but there's no way Spit Up/Swallow will become viable.
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